Having A Growth Mindset Does Not Mean You Can’t Be Frustrated

I pride myself in having a growth mindset. I am always willing to learn something new, and I put in the time, usually, to grow proficiency. I feel that it is one of my better personal and professional attributes. A willingness to learn new things, and to put in the time to learn new things, … Continue reading “Having A Growth Mindset Does Not Mean You Can’t Be Frustrated”


Scalable Solutions Are Hail Able Solutions

When thinking about process design, workflows, standardization, simplification, and automation capabilities, one aspect of all of these becomes arguably the most import: is the solution scalable? Sure you and your team may have designed a really clever solution to a very complex problem. While commendable, large-scale impact on workflow optimization comes with scalable solutions. Without … Continue reading “Scalable Solutions Are Hail Able Solutions”

Designing A Workflow

Designing a workflow for a new process is a tall task, and quite intimidating if you are new to the area. Still, they are a lot of fun, especially when you see that factory churning out those widgets for the first time. While I have primarily designed workflow solutions in the digital realm, I feel … Continue reading “Designing A Workflow”


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