Sometimes You Should Write, For Writing’s Sake

These last few weeks have been wild, but I am committed to sticking with this blogging thing, and as I sat down to think of a post to write, at first I struggled. However, I found myself thinking about the benefits of writing, just to write, and the words began to flow. Why is it important to keep writing (or painting, or playing music, or learning a language, or studying, or working), even when do not necessarily feel that inspiration to do so, so to speak?

Consistency of habits. For me, I am a creature of and a big fan of building habits. I feel that building habits will help us as creatures find a better approximation of balance in our lives–you cannot build a habit if you are easily willing to break it. Once you have set a schedule to create the habit of consistency, make it very hard for yourself to break it, however it is that you do that. I have committed to writing blog posts every week, for better or worse, every Wednesday and Thursday. It is Thursday, and here I am, clicking away on my keyboard. Now, this is not to say I won’t ever shift the schedule around, but I will do so only if 1) it’s an emergency or 2) it is a pre planned ordeal. The former, because life, the latter so that I can coordinate my schedule to accommodate my habit building around my schedule, and also life.

Great happiness comes from fulling our commitments. Now, I am not saying if you are miserable you should stay miserable. What I am saying is that if you have found something that makes your life a little more fulfilling, then you should create a strict schedule that allows time for that thing. You deserve some time to learn new things that make you happy, you dope. Learning things may take some time to get good at (this blog, for example), allow yourself that time. Seriously, if you want to learn guitar truly commit your time and efforts to learning by planning a hard to break, committed schedule. Stick to it and tell me if you are not happy in six months when you are jamming Stairway.

Staying committed to your habit will make you better over time. Some things take more time and commitment than others to get better. My golf habit can certainly attest to this. BUT, I promise, you will get better. When I write better I mean that, relative to yourself, you will progressively get better by sticking to something, and allowing yourself time to actively practice. Don’t go it alone, either. There are so many great resources out there for learning in whatever area that we are trying to enrich our lives with.

Obviously this post is not about writing. It’s about building a habit. Stick with me on my own habit forming journey of blogging, and I promise you will see me be a reliable committed, habit forming blogger, you will see me gain happiness from building the habit of blogging, and you will see, hopefully, the writing and style get better along the way.


Author: Ted Henry Curtis

Support Delivery Manager. Passion for process improvement, standardization, and simplification.

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